Bachelorette ideas-Beach theme

I had the privilege of being my friends maid of honour last year and was thrilled to throw her a bachelorette party! We have been friends since Grade 1, so that is a friendship of 27 years! It was my first bachelorette party I have organised so it was extremely exciting! Her wedding was by the coast, and her hopes were to be married on the beach. Although being married by the sea, they didn’t want to have a typical beach theme wedding. So I grabbed this opportunity to have the sea theme for her party to get us all excited for the trip down! We had a blast!

Here is a bit of the setup that was done on our rooftop garden! It was a gorgeous day for such an occasion. We had picnic blankets, props (downloaded and made my own!), we had very simple snacks which consisted of, crackers and some divine cheese from Woolworth, grapes, strawberries covered in balsamic, and some popcorn. We had a bucket full of wines, champagnes, and other non- alcoholic beverages. In my jugs (sky juice) was some refreshing water, and in the other  (2 Malibu with you) was a Malibu cranberry lemonade which is divine! check out how to make it here. www.maliburumdrinks.com/en/drinks/malibu-cranberry-lemonade/


The props were hit and especially after some champagne and some lemonade there were plenty giggles!!!

I had to have some more fun and surprise the bride to be with Vicus Cruywagen for a sexy magic show! He is absolutely fantastic! The humour is brilliant as always, what I love most is that he keeps the element of sexy magic so funny, it isn’t rude at all, it leaves things to your imagination;) Vicus keeps himself composed and puts a spotlight on the bride to be! I have had the joy of watching his sexy magic show on two occasions and I have thoroughly enjoyed his magic! Check out his website for further info: www.sexymagic.co.za/

For dessert I chose Nela’s cakes again. The decor was so amazing no one wanted to touch it. The taste was as always spot on delicious! If you would like to know more about Nela’s cakes go check her out at: www.facebook.com/NelaHomeMadeCakes/


Last but not least after a beautiful day I sent my guests off with a little gift for spending the day with us! I chose nail polish that was neutral colour and placed them in the black bags, I designed my own seashell tags with a pearl cardboard to finish it off. I placed all the bags in sea sand in a bowl for affect.


This was truly a memorable day and I know my buddy had a great time. I would do it all again in a heart beat!

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